Hooman is officially a Pre-K student

:Tuesday september 2th

Hooman was off to a great start, but it seems the combination of having a cold and missing his aunt is kind of rough. His teacher is great so hopefully soon he can remember how boring it actually is to be at home with me زبان

Monday September 8th:

Hooman Update for those of you asking: He LOVES school. He had his first  circle time today and can't wait to learn more.  His teachers (Mrs Katie and Mrs jakie)  are awesome and he told missing me is not that hard any moreنیشخند lolنیشخند  Good to be lovedچشمک.. 

wednesday September 10th:

Hooman is doing excellent! Except the going to bed early, and getting up early part. He is and always was quite the night owl, lol آخ

Thursday September 11th:

Hooman loves his school and while he's still a little nervous when I drop him off. he is doing way better than I expected! ماچ

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This is a biging of a new life and new love, love of teacher who shows the way of life.


This is the bigining of a new life and a new love. Love of a teacher who shows the way of a new life.


Hi dear freind, wishing the best for you and your nice Hooman, nice to meet you in my web, i am a two year old boy named as Alireza,


mom was dropped in previous comment


سلام من از اينکه بتونم با دوستي اشنا به انگليسي زبان ضعيف خودم رو کمي تقويت کنم خيلي استقبال ميکنم اما انگار انقدر بد بوده وضعم که.شما مجبور شدين فارسي جوابمو بدين[نیشخند] ممنون از دعاي خوبتون به همچنين براي شما و خونوادتون


خوشحالم که دليل فارسي جواب گرفتنم بد بود زبانم نبوده...جداي از شوخي دوست خوبم خوشحال ميشم اگر همون هرازگاهي انگليسي نوشتنتون بيشتر هم بشه من مستفيذ بشم [قلب]